quarta-feira, outubro 27, 2010

#116 Mario & Luigi

This new itens from The Secret Store (by Maylee Oh) is very funny! Super Mario ... super cute! lol Check out teleporting here :) Enjoy!

Skin ~TvC~ !MangoMango! Pine Pale [Only 10L - Here!]
Eyes DEN-DOU eyes - emerald green
Eyelashes *Redgrave* MoulinRouge
Hair [e] Say - Red 10 [Free]
Outfit The Secret Store - Handmade Mario Costume (mushroom and mustache included) [New]
Warmers tram knit leg warmers(limited color red) [Tea Hunt prize]
Shoes loveme.Tea House HUNT - hunminjungum shoes [Tea Hunt prize]
Outfit The Secret Store - Handmade Luigi Costume (mushroom and mustache included) [New]
Shoes *Kookie* Armarda/ Black Wash
>Location Photon's Castle - fantasy adventure park
>Poses sr3d-Poses by Ryz Uriza

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