segunda-feira, outubro 11, 2010

#102 By my son

The picture and the scenario to come were made by my SL son, Gerrardh Bellic :) Tysm! Me and Pam are very proud of you, son, and we love you very much <3  / A fotografia e o cenário a seguir foram feitos pelo meu filho no SL, o Gerrardh Bellic :) Obrigada! A Pam e eu temos muito orgulho de você e te amamos muito <3

Skin Baiastice -Pulchra-pale-make up26 RD
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Sea Green
EyeLashes Tailon Faire Swept Away
Hair >TRUTH< Padma - sangria [Only 110L all colors - 10-10-10]
Lingerie -Phoenix Rising- Endeavor Lingerie Set (Deep Red) [Only 25L - Closing Sale]
Necklace and Earrings *ICED* Alissa [Jewelry Fair]
Belt *ICED* Cuffed Belly Chain - Platinum [Jewelry Fair]
Shoes (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps - black [New!]
Bed [HQF] Sex Bed "Bella Notte" V2 [Marketplace]
Mirror KOSH - SOL
Chair MudHoney Andrew
Lamp nordani lamp.redberry [Free]
Cigarettes and ashtray :YONEYA: [Free]
Visit Iced in Jewelry Fair and Call for Couture Festival and check the news! Look how delicate those belly chains are:

1. *ICED* Cuffed Belly Chain - Platinum ; 2. *ICED* Pearl Belly Chain ; 3. *ICED* Circle Link Belly Chain; 4. *ICED* Hearts Belly Chain ; 5. *ICED* Daniella Belly Chain.

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pam_ruby disse...

Nosso filho é lindo... e vc tá linda amor... te amo!!!

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