quarta-feira, outubro 13, 2010

#105 Enchanty

Skin *Nuuna's Skins* Suvi Pale Bare Cleavage (with red lips tattoo layer)
Eyes MADesigns PROMISE eyes - brown pale 11 [Free]
Hair INDI *Ventura 2* - henna
Shirt GATO- Gold Nasa Top [New]
Pants >>>Poison<<< Original jeans_black_worn [New]
Bag The Secret Store - Handbag - Strawberry Jam - Hand [New]
Scarf AOHARU_BandanaScarf_Red
Earrings Aglaia Eastern Delight [Free - Jewelry Fair]
Ring alaskametro<3 "Zipper Rosette" ring (gold) [Free - Jewelry Fair]
Shoes (Shiny Things) Arcada pumps - red [New]
>Location Enchanty
>Listening Morcheeba - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

I'm enchanted with these beautiful bags of The Secret Store! Visit now (tp here) and get yours, I'm sure you will also love:

The Secret Store Oh My Bags (Candy Spots, Pumpkin Lust, Evil  Pride, Strawberry Jam and Innocence)
Table Concrete Flowers (My Gardening Desk Light)

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