quarta-feira, outubro 13, 2010

#104 Is a Sin?

Skin *Nuuna's Skins* Suvi Pale Bare Cleavage (with nat. lips layer) [The Call For Couture Festival]
Eyes MADesigns PROMISE eyes - brown pale 11 [Free]
Outfit: INDI Designs - Sister Mary James (comes with 2 lingeries and rosaries!)
Necklace ZP Rosary Necklace [Group Gift - ZombiePopcornSL - notices]
Shoes (Shiny Things) Kelsey pumps - black [New!]
In the pictures with the short skirt, I used: R.icielli - ANITA High Waist Skirt Black

The pose of the first picture is 5L at {I S2  POSEY} and all the other poses are *sr3d-Poses*

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