quinta-feira, dezembro 30, 2010

#192 Carpe Diem

Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale (with (AMD) Emily Cleavage Enhancers - Pale) [New]
Blush (AMD) Blush - Rosey
Lipstick (AMD) Emily Lipsticks - Ruby
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Eyelashes (AMD) Lash Set 3
Hair Maitreya Saar - Red
Shirt Berries Inc. tweee top grey [New]*
Jacket Mimikri - Holly Jacket white [TDR Blue]
Pants {mon tissu} Balcon Lounge Pants ~ Goldenrod [New]
Hands SLink De Jolie Mains Hands
Feet *JeSyLiLO* BareFeet*LighT
Poses R.icielli

* The new cute shirts from Berries Inc. by summse Sands:
Berries Inc. tweee top: old pink, midnight, choco and black

#191 AMD Emily

Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale [Only 250L - New!] *
Hair !lamb. Honey - Sun-Dried Tomato
Shirt {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse - Cream
Necklace :::Snatch Crystal Gypsy Necklace::: (with gems color change!)
Pants *JeSyLiLO* ::TrashJean::*Black [Free!]
Boots lassitude & ennui Thecla boot brown
Poses SCATTER [Coming Soon]
Location The Far Away

* Below you can see some of the possible combinations with the new Apple May Designs skin, lashes and makeups. I'm enchanted with the smoothness and the beauty of this new releases by Apple May. Tp to the store, try the demos and create your own combination! Emily skin is available in 7 tones along with 2 cleavage enhancment options (and is only 250L until Jan 1st!)
> Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale: 1. Lipstick Ruby + Lashes Set 3 + Blush Rosey; 2. Lipstick Pink + Eyeshadow Passion + Lashes Set 1; 3. Lipstick Gold + Eyeshadow Autumn + Blush Red; 4. Lipstick Candy + Eyeshadow Aqua + Blush Pink

quarta-feira, dezembro 29, 2010

#190 Calmness

Skin MONS / Melodie Skin [TDR Blue]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Eyelahes *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong
Hair >TRUTH< Kitty - cherry
Dress Emery - Dress Kezno [TDR Blue]
Sweater ::Snatch:: Lulu Sweater Dress
Socks *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Khaki -Black Garter
Boots [e] Secret Boots - Dune [New]
Poses R.icielli [New]
Location Gulf of Lune
Listening to Beatles- Blackbird

segunda-feira, dezembro 27, 2010

R.icielli New Collection!!

 R.icielli  new collection is out! Lots of new stuff and a new gift too! Take a look:


The gift is an option of this top:
Wow girls! Run towards R.icielli and enjoy!!

sexta-feira, dezembro 24, 2010

#188 Just don't fall

Skin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup6 [New]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Eyelashes [ glow ] studio - Innocent. eyelashes - intensive [Sale!]
Hair 3636-Lila Red Tones
Hair Accessory BOUNCE Head band -color change [Subscribe]
Dress [LeeZu!] Tate MiniDress /turquoise [New! and amazing!]
Bracelet +plus *Studded Square Bangle* White
Shoes *ordinary design* Acinonyx
Poses SCATTER - [Strike a pose] (by Haydee Wisent) [Coming Soon!]
Location East Purden
Listening Uh Huh Her - Dance with me

#187 Xmas

Skin -Glam Affair- Jadis Natural - Gold A [Group Gift]
Eyes *JeSyLiLO* ::SmokeYes::*DarkGrey
Eyelashes [ glow ] studio - Innocent. eyelashes - intensive [Sale]
Hair 3636-Noella [Free! under the tree or in MM with more colors]
Shirt :SK Designs: Nymond Dress Black
Jacket *LeeZu Baxter* NightLove FlexiJacket /rust
Belt Baiastice_ Grooving belt-black [ZP Hunt item]
Pants [KS] "acid wash" jeans
Earrings (part of) 3636 Jewelry Set Scroogelina [Gift under the tree]
Shoes CONCRETE FLOWERS- Flidais Flats -red soil [New] *
Tree [LeLutka] MERRY XMAStree [Subscribe!]
Clock CHABINNS Shadow Clock [Gift!]
Furniture Set [nctis] [has been a ZP hunt prize]
Poses/Gift Boxes Glam Affair Holiday Hill Packets

* Check it out how cute are these flats from Concrete Flowers (by Lynaja Bade):

Shoes CONCRETE FLOWERS- Flidais Flats (ash, bark, coal and red soil)
Shelf in the wall [nctis] [Gift!]

quarta-feira, dezembro 22, 2010

#186 Tunnel


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Asin:::*TanSkin*J5(Make up)* ( Matte )+(HairLine) [New]
Hair (fd) Hair Tester - Fire Pack
Eyes *JeSyLiLO* ::SmokeYes::*DarkGrey
Hoodie *JeSyLiLO* ::Winterhoodie*Grey [New]
Pants Masciano F/W 'Threaded Boot Cut Jeans' SKU7529M OS1-DNM [under the boardwalk]
Necklace *LC* E (C!) - Symphony Necklace & NomNom
Shoes [mm] Sneakers Hunter women white/green [Profile pick item giver]
Poses [doll.]

segunda-feira, dezembro 20, 2010

#185 Amour


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Asin:::*TanSkin*J3(Make up)* ( Shiny ) [New]
Eyes *JeSyLiLO* ::SmokeYes::*Black
Hair [Shag] - Angel Baby - toffee
Hair accessory AtomicBambi Hair Corsage - Amour (Side)
Dress Peqe Kendall Leoness Red - [Subscribe!]
Tights +SPICA+ Color tights & socks set2 - black
Bracelet [[SHADE THRONE]] The Prisionner Bracelet gold [Group Gift]
Clutch [ORTA] - Blake clutch in charcoal (Gold)
Cigarette Digital Dragon lit Vintage Cigarette Holder
Shoes *GF* Rose Bootie "Diva" black
Poses =IZUMIYA= [Free]

#184 MoGa

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::MoGa:::*LightSkin*J2(Makeup)BT( Matte )+(HairLine) [New]*
Eyes [LeLutka] Reflections-Glory-Eyes
Eyelashes Redgrave MoulinRouge
Hair !lamb. Glass Candy (w/o) - Sun-Dried Tomato
Tattoo La Malvada Mujer - Cubico [Free]
Dress R.icielli - PETRA minidress /#6
Belt fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Fruit.Punch) - Med
Pose [doll.]

* MoGa is one of the *JeSyLiLO*'s new releases and once again I loooved! Run to the store to try the demos and choose yours: *TAXI to the JeSyLiLO!*

>*JeSyLiLO*:::MoGa:::*LightSkin* from J1 to J4 (with and without makeup):

>*JeSyLiLO*:::MoGa:::*LightSkin* J5 (with and without makeup and teeth option):

#183 Winnie

Skin ROZENA SKIN ~Winnie~ barbie
Eyeliner ROZENA SKIN ~simple eyeliner~ [Only 5L]
Lipstick ROZENA SKIN ~Creamy Lipstick~ baby pink
Eyes ROZENA SKIN ~Glass Eye~ leaf [Dollarabie]
Hair [ 69 ] JESSICA 01 - Dark Mauve
Tattoo LaMalvadaMujer -La Suerte
Shirt Orion - sweater Black
Skirt *salire fur skirt/Black [New]
Belt Rawdolls - Juxtabelt~B
Pants -Glam Affair- Spiker - blue [50L - So 2011 Event]
Shoes .:Vive9:. Xianv2 Boots - Black Boxed [50L - So 2011 Event]
Poses *fantasista*
Location Meow

#182 Natasha

Skin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup4 [New] *
Tattoo layer [LeLutka] -Breast Enhancer/Hush
Eyes [LeLutka] Reflections-Glory-Eyes
Eyelashes Talon Faire Swept Away
Hair [LeLutka] MODULE hair- Dark Reds- Nutcracker [New]
Catsuit KHUSH Outfits - Moniq [New]
Bracelets .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets :: ENIGMA ::
* Take a look the new amazing skin from LeLutka called Natasha! (In the pictures below, I also used LeLutka's teeth, see the credits and the detail next)

Skins [LeLutka]-Natasha/HUSH: Base and Makeups from 1 to 7
Teeth [LeLutka]-Teeth Atachment v2

[LeLutka]-TeethAlpha : Teeth Atachment v1 and v2

domingo, dezembro 19, 2010

#181 LeLutka Military Glam

Lelutka always impressing us! The Winter 2010 apparel collection is inspired on Military Glam and it brings strenght and sophistication to new pieces. I loved all! Check it out you too :) Taxi to LeLutka / LeLutka on Web

Skin [LeLutka] -Natasha/HUSH-Makeup4 [New]
Hair [LeLutka] -MODULE hair - Jessica [New]
Hat R.icielli - COMMANDER hat /ice
Jacket [LeLutka] -NASTASIA jacket/ivory [New]
Dress *LP* Lana dress Grey
Glasses Rawdolls - Retro Junkie Aviators
Shoes and LegWarmer [LeLutka] -FAME-Pearl [New]
Poses R.icielli [New]

xoxo, Nuria <3

sexta-feira, dezembro 17, 2010

#180 Snowing


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J4(eyeliner)*( Matte ) [New]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Lashes (tattoo layer) Cheap Makeup Verna 3
Hair CONCRETE FLOWERS Sarsons Bobble Hat Hair Short -Cherry- [New]
Dress KHUSH - Blur Dress - Black [New] *
Jacket AOHARU BT_DownJK_with_Sweater_White
Jewelry set *ICED* Pearl Snowflake
Boots *ordinary design* Acinonyx
Poses [doll.] Jessica [Happy Holidays Hunt item]
Location SLOW

* How about checking out the new KHUSH dresses by Liess Paine♥? I loved them:
Khush Blur Dress: pink and green on the left, black in the middle, blue and red on the right

#179 Flowery

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J5 [New]
Eyes ROZENA SKIN ~Glossy eye~
Hair *Kookie*  Kate Hair - cherry red
Dress Peqe - Flowery Blue Dress
Jacket *COCO* DenimJacket_Midnight
Necklace *HAMIs* ACC_ LongLuxuryNecklace
Clutch Baiastice Pida bag-chocolate
Watch E.B Jewelry Montre Femme Oron XII
Heels P10 Florence Heels Patent Chocolate [New] *

* The amazing new releases from Purrfec 10 by Ten Dexler:
P10 Florence Heels: Salmon, Cream and Chocolate. They have all the same functionality as usual, including making them partial or totally black! P10 have also released a free christmas gift to the general public and a new VIP Xmas gift, 'TP here' and check it out!

#178 Cuteness


Skin .::Mother Goose's::. SiSi(2)_1b
Hair CONCRETE FLOWERS - Sarsons Bobble Hat Hair Ponytail -FIRE- [New]
Dress KHUSH - Blur Dress - Black [New]
Scarf KOSH - Polar Scarf -plum- [New]
Leggings KHUSH - Cozy Leggings - Purple
Socks CONCRETE FLOWERS - Bobble Toe Socks -Coal- [New] *
Pose sr3d-poses
Location Enchanty

* CONCRETE FLOWERS  Bobble Toe Socks by Lynaja Bade ♥ :

From left to right: bubblegum, argyle, pumpkin, orange/purple, rainbow, winter blue left and winter red right (the 2 socks in the last picture are a CHRISTMAS HUNT prize!). They are available in 10 colours and come with bobbles or without. The fatpack is discounted!

quinta-feira, dezembro 16, 2010

#177 They call me mellow yellow

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J1* [New]
Eyes ROZENA SKIN ~Glossy eye~
Hair D!va Hair "Chisato" Black amber [Gift]
Sweater Emery - Sweater Mademoiselle Tan [TDR Blue]
Skirt {mon tissu} Pretty Pleats Skirt ~ Blue [New]
Earring [ glow ] studio Bliss earrings [New Gift]
Bag *VOONER* MARTI Bag _art [Gacha item]
Socks Tee*fy Arva  Socks Creme
Shoes p.c; Suede Platform Pumps / Wrapped - Zina
Poses *fantasista* pack 3 [only 5L each]
Location Cheesecake

quarta-feira, dezembro 15, 2010

#176 Like a G6

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J5*( Shiny )+(Hairline) [New]
Hair !lamb. Wild Nothing - Sun-Dried Tomato [New]
Dress Peqe - Kendall Leoness_Black [New! and amazing!]
Tights *Sheer* Tights 26: Torn Semi-Opaque Black
Glasses Rawdolls - Retro Junkie Aviators
Cigarette Moq Design
Scarf =Zenith= WorkShop Nunu [Free - FTLO Ice Festival]
Necklace [glow] Necklace Secret Garden Keys [120L - Albero Holiday Dollar Fair]
Bracelet [[SHADE THRONE]] The Prisionner Bracelet platinum [Group Gift]
Shoes Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake *

* If you are looking for an amazing tennis shoe this is the one to get! You'll find it at Rawdolls (by Lindal Janus). See the two options available via a click menu:

Poses R.icielli - Poses 2nd collection [Coming Soon]