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#222 Across The 2nd Universe

Post #222, an interesting number to finish (or to a new beginning?).
My new blog is online: Across The 2nd Universe, with the title is inspired on Beatles's song, except little details gonna keep the same style as In My Inventory. I was in the mood for some changes and I went wild for change the URL, but I hope the people who really like my looks and tips, keep on following me there.
A huge hug to all of you!

domingo, março 20, 2011

Where was Nuria?

Hey! I'm back <3

Why was I away?
* There's a way to make illegal copies by using the profile of innocent people as the creator. Also, anyone can do a quick search on Google and find forums discussing the matter, websites that sell viewers with this feature and even videos on Youtube, showing that it's possible to put up the name of someone as Philip Linden as the creator of pirate items.
* Many people have been victims of this fraud: sellers, designers, and simple people like me.
* Probaly it happened on purpous, someone who knows me with the intent to harm me, or if by chance they decided to use my name.. but someone is creating and spreading pirated copies of hair, accessories etc... of known shops such as Truth and Lelutka with my name as creator. Obviously I didn't make it! And we all know that these shit spreads like a virus.
* I saw once someone throwing on the ground one of these things, and I was so surprised and frightened that I forgot to report it. But later I sent emails and tickets to LL.
* Even with my attempts to avoid previously being harmed, I had my avatar suspended for about a month. At this time I continue to send e-mails and tickets to the LL, in attempt to defend myself and prove my innocence.
* Yesterday, finally, the LL acted with good sense and returned Nuria Niven back to me.

What have I learned from this embarrassing situation?
* That there are many, many jealous people with anger in their hearts, who devote their time to do evil things, in order to destroy others. They can be people of our past, former friends, former partners, people who pretend to be your friends, or even people you don't know, but that followed your trajectory and find some reason to detest and pursue you.
* I'm not addicted to second life. I always thought that I would freak out if one day something happened to my only precious avatar. But I was surprised with the way I handled things, cool and calm, despite all the mess. My first reaction was of disappointment and contempt, but then I was persistent enough to prove that I'm a righteous person, an innocent person, that it was and unfair punishment, that I didn't do nothing wrong to loose four years of life and investiments on SL. I believe my balance and my happy RL contributed a lot to me to be part of the “normal” team, that are on SL just for the fun of it, and for the unique experience that the metaverse allows. After all, there is also the other team, of misadjusted people who seek for a virtual escape.
* That justice may take long , but it hardly fails.

And now?
* Given all that happened, I reflected and I made some decisions. Especially about the blog. This dilemma, which I call an embarrassing situation, has changed my priorities and even my passion for SL. I won't completely let go of it, because after all, here I am, "revived"! But I see the way I always gave myself to this world, is not worthing it. I feel it's time to do some changes... and to terminate with In My Inventory.
* However, blogging about SL is a joy and a pleasure for me. The end of In My Inventory is like a page being turned, to leave behind the sad part of history, but not the end of it. Soon I'll be with a new page, with a new blog and will let you know. I apologize to friends, followers, those designers who waited so long to see the things they sent me being advertised. Soon you will have news about it.
* Nuria Niven leaves all of this with her head up and strengthened. I'm not free to undergo further charges, but I will strive to prevent this and count on your help to warn me when you see someone using, selling, transferring or creating illegal copies bearing my name. And I cheer for the LL find a way to track who actually are doing all this and to avoid new cases, and for others who are doing righteous business won't get punished unjustly.

Best wishes to all,

domingo, fevereiro 20, 2011

#220 Halfway there

Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/mk#3
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Lashes *REDGRAVE* Rendezvous
Hair Clawtooth: Easy Breezy - Strawberry cream [New]
Shirt R.icielli - LONGTOP /capuccino
Pants *CASHMERE* Blow Jeans (blue)
Skirt and belt (part of) The Secret Store Boheme Batic Diamonds [New! at The Cellar]
Scarf Maitreya Long Scarf * Champagne
Bangles [MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/Rich Gold
Shoes *GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" -chocolate
Pose [croire]
Location *FIR & MNA* Mainstore


Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/mk#3
Lipstick KLETVA-PietraSkin/Lipstick-Thunder Yellow
Hair Exile Freja/fall [New]
Dress The Secret Store Boheme - Pop Squares [New! at The Cellar]
Bag .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Studded bag [past hunt prize]
Earrings {Gasqhe} - Nuria earring
Glasses Gunther's Fierce Vintage Gold 'Baciaga' Frames (by Gemma Vaschwitzugenplatz)
Sandals AOHARU WALK_FlatGladiatorSandal
Poses {Just a Pose} [New]
Location Caribbean Resort


Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/base
Eyeshadow KHUSH - Make Up - Smokey Eyes - Purple [New]
Eyeliner KHUSH - Make Up - Eye Liner - Wing [New]
Lipstick KLETVA-PietraSkin/Lipstick-Baby Nude
Hair Exile Paris/fall [New]
Top (part of) The Secret Store Boheme Wild Flowers [New! at The Cellar]
Cardigan *COCO* Cardigan_Lace
Pants Berries Inc. boyfriend jeans (past lazy sunday)
Belt MIEL TROUPE BELT - natural
Bird {Just A Pose} Fall Feathered Friend
Boots [e] Secret Boots - Dune
Poses *fantasista*Location Art Dummy, Ravens Requiem

Listening to Palloma Faith - Upside Down

sexta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2011

#219 Raise it up


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Buty:::*TanSkin*J4* [New]
Eyeshadow KHUSH - Make Up - Smokey Eyes - Black [New]
Hair [e] Play 2 - Red 10 [New]
Dress Garage *Lola dress* v5 [New]
Blouse *GF* Silky Blouse "Charlotte" -white-
Pants R.icielli - ASH jeans/lightblue
Jacket AOHARU BT_TweedFeminineCoat_White
Necklace [ glow ] studio - Rudolf in love necklace [TDR]
Glasses Berries Inc silly goggles [Free]
Boots Orion - OG Boots/White [New!]
Pose 1st pic {Just a Pose} [New]
Pose 2nd pic estetica
Listening to Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart 

#218 I want your drama

Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-bald/mk#4
Lipstick KLETVA-PietraSkin/Lipstick-Burnt Sienna
Hair .: vive9 :. Fredja in Lexington [New]
Hair acessory tomoto twinkle corsage chocolate [gacha]
Top Spirit Store - Costa corset 1.1
Skirt {Gasqhe} - Vo Nude [New!] <3
Necklace [ glow ] studio - Rudolf in love necklace [TDR]
Location Love Soul

domingo, fevereiro 13, 2011

#217 Here we go again

Skin -Glam Affair- Eva - Natural - V.Day Gift [Group Gift]
Hair Exile Pandora/garnet [New]
Shirt DeeTaleZ Tops T shirt "skull" [New]
Vest *COCO* ShortVest(StripeGray)
Skirt {SMS} Feather Skirt Monochrome
Necklace This is a Fawn + Scribble - Corvus Necklace
Glasses Rawdolls 'Retro-junkie' aviators <3
Bag [LeLutka] No Heart Bag (old gift)
Socks Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - White
Sandals Action X Patent Wedges - Diva Set *
Poses xbordeaux [Gift]
Location barbee

* These cute sandals from Action (by MarilynMonroe Munro) gives many ways to use. Beyond possible sandals color combination, there is also lots of socks textures, that you can use with the top (pic 2) or to match with other socks from your inventory (like pic 1, with Pig socks). Creations such as this allows us to abuse creativity to make many styles, yay! :)
Links: Action Slurl / Action on Web / Action at Marketplace

sábado, fevereiro 12, 2011

#216 Te amo

Skin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup4 (with ROZENA ~Creamy Lipstick~ sweet beige)
Hair Maitreya Moon - Red
Lingerie DeeTaleZ Lingerie dots blue [New]
Tattoo KHUSH Te Amo Tattoo [New]
Necklace Gypsys! Typical heart neckace [Subscribo Gift]
Pamela ♥
Skin -Glam Affair - Nina V-Day 02 [Valentines TDR]
Hair Magika // B&W Pack // Aina
Lingerie [ Attitudes ] Winter 2011 [Gift]
1st pic *ICED* Hold me tight
2nd pic sr3d-poses *Wonderful Tonight*
In our house
LISP - Winter Words Sofa v2
LISP Spring Reading Rug and Reading Cushions for 2 [Subscribo Gift]
:: rucott :: Rag --- winter
Visionaria -- analog player -- [Free]
[croire] starlight lamp
Zigana Folding screen [Free]
nordari. winterized memories.
{what next} Time For Tea Wall Clock
[noctis] windowsill christmas plant
*many of the items from the scenario were won from hunts, not sure if still available 
Listening Chico Buarque - Eu te amo

#215 Blind


Skin (AMD) Emily - Peach
Hair Exile Roxy/auburn [New]
Top oyakin*linen-tunic [Cupid Hunt prize]
Shorts *LP* April shorts blue
Blindfold Picnic ribbon blindfold - pink [Gacha]
Necklace [croire] triple portrait pendant
Boots Mentine TYCOON Boots Silver Leather *
Poses SR3D [New]
Location Picnic

* Visit Mentine and check it out the perfection of these boots :)

sexta-feira, fevereiro 11, 2011

#214 Listen for the whisper

Skin (AMD) Emily - Peach
Lipstick cheLLe - (lipstsain) Fierce Black Swan Lips 2
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Hairbase Tiny Bird Reds Pack [Free]
Hair !lamb. Wild Nothing - Sun-Dried Tomato
Top :::Snatch Leather Corset (Black-J):::
Pants *LP* Tatyana pants red
Necklace *LC* - Piper Long Necklace
Bracelets erratic / twisted bracelets
Shoulder pad [Noir&Noir] Kakkoii Epaulet
Boots + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Graphite *

* Adnata Boots (by Oct Oakleaf) are not only sexy, it's also versatile and functional. Check out all specs, details and pics at Marketplace or try a free demo at inworld store :)

sábado, fevereiro 05, 2011

#213 Deluxe

Skin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup6
Eyeliner .::Mother Goose's::. eyeline_1 (past gift)
Eyes KLETVA-Recognizer Eyes/blue [New]
Hair >TRUTH< Odette reds - burgundy
Earrings R.icielli - EUSTAQUIA earrings #gold / aquamarine [2nd Deluxe Hunt item]*
Top R.icielli - MARION Top / Gold [2nd Deluxe Hunt item]
Fur [LeLutka] IRINUSHKA bolero/bear
Pants R.icielli - ELIZA highwaisted pants /beige
Boots Mentine TYCOON Boots - Red Gold Leather [New]
Poses R.icielli (full body) and Glamorize (close)
Location Frost

*The 2nd Deluxe Hunt R.icielli has started, yay!! You'll find 12 gold keys around the R.icielli sim with 12 gorgeous and amazing items for only 10L each! Check it out:

All the best <3
Kisses, Nuria

#212 @ Tago

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Buty:::*TanSkin*J1 (makeup) [New]
Hair Action Womens Hair Emily - Naughty [New]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Green
Sweater Willow Striped Chunky Bark and Vanilla [last Seasons Hunt]
Blazer [LeLutka] STIGMA jacket/black
Shorts (Milk Motion) my jean shorts grey
Necklace KOSH The Key
Bag HouseOfFox :: Richie Bag - (Coco /w Feathers) [last FLF]
Shoes ::Kookie:: Bonnie/ Night
Poses by Di's Opera [Gift]

Pessoal! Gostaria de deixar aqui a dica da Revista Blá! deste mês. Tive o privilégio de ser a primeira entrevistada na coluna da minha querida amiga Danixinha Babii <3 e estou super ansiosa pelas próximas edições e pelas novidades deste espaço que é dedicado a nós fashionistas e blogueiras.
Garanta já a sua! --> Blá! Magazine
Bjs <3 

terça-feira, fevereiro 01, 2011

#211 Baggy pants


Skin MONS / jess-likit-blossom lips-red brows [New]
Eyes KLETVA-Recognizer Eyes/denimblue [New]
Hair Exile Rock Princess/scarlet [New]
Shirt R.icielli - LONGTOP /crema
Vest R.icielli - SCARLLET vest /seagreen (edited to small) [New]
Pants DeeTaleZ Pants Baggy pants jeans blue [New]
Belt *COCO* WrapSkinnyBelt_Silver
Necklace (luc) Chakra Long Beads Necklace, Forest Green
Shoes +ADDiCTIA+ METRO Glamour Sandals Black
Poses R.icielli


Skin MONS / jess-likit-red lips-red brows [New]
Teeth KLETVA-Genetics/Teeth Alpha Layer [Gift]
Hair Exile Brandy2/scarlet [New]
Top KHUSH Tahlia Top - Better Luck Next Time Black [New]
Necklace 1 *ICED* Platform 9 3/4 [50L sale item!]
Necklace 2 *ICED* My Lucky Necklace [50L sale item]
Tattoo KHUSH - Tatts - You and Me
Pants DeeTaleZ Pants Baggy pants sporty dark grey [New]
Shoes J.E.M oldies (it was a free item but i'm note sure if it's yet available)
Poses sr3d


Skin MONS / jess-likit-violet lips-red brows [New]
Hair Exile Abandon/scarlet [New]
Hat [LeLutka] GASTON hat/black
Pants DeeTaleZ Pants Baggy pants tweed brown [New] *
Shirt [SC] Surf Couture - Slouchy Thread Sweater - Gray Stripe
Scarf [NSD] Yves Scarf Beige (last Seasons Hunt prize)
Necklace [[SHADE THRONE]] The Big Beat [special price for group members]
Cigarette Moq Design
Sandals SLink Aveela Stiletto Herringbone
Poses [croire] [New]
Location Verfinstern (hint by SecondLadies)

domingo, janeiro 23, 2011

#210 Kletva

Hey! Hello everyone! I'm back :) My vacation trip was awesome! But now, it´s time to recover the days I spent away. Let´s get to it!

Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/mk#1 *
Hair KLETVA-PietraSkin HairAttach/FallGinger v2
Eyes KLETVA-Recognizer Eyes/green
Earrings R.icielli - EUSTAQUIA earrings #gold / emerald **
Top {Gisaci} Hoja Top - Black

* These are some of the products from new store Kletva (by Vitor Algoma) . Beautiful and quality items, to discerning and tasteful people! Kletva SLurl / Kletva on Web

** These earrings are part of the 1st R.icielli Diamonds Collection (by Fhara Acacia), I'm in love with them and I'm sure you'll love it too! R.icielli SLurl / R.icielli on Web

sábado, janeiro 22, 2011

#209 Tota


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::ToTa:::*LightSkin*J4* [New] *
Eyes KLETVA-Recognizer Eyes/onyx [New]
Hair >TRUTH< Mariska - cherry [New]
Sweater CONCRETE FLOWERS- I <3 My Boobies Sweater - white
Pants R.icielli - ASH jeans/black
Belt !!KKBB!! Tess Belt - Black Cubes
Boots - Mentine - TYCOON Red [New]
Poses R.icielli
Location Kaso, Inaka

* *JeSyLiLO*'s new release by LiLO Glom <3 :
All skins comes with/without makeup options, breast line and hair line. Besides, there's 3 skin tones, and 5 different styles, that you can see at the images above. TP to the store and try the demos :)

sexta-feira, janeiro 21, 2011

#208 Adorable skirts

Following, there's three looks with the new cute skirts from The Secret Store, by Maylee Oh <3 And you can find even more textures at the store, and an exclusive one for TDR Blue :D

Look I
Skin -Belleza- Erika Pale [new group gift]
Hair !lamb. Wild Nothing - Sun-Dried Tomato
Sweater fri. - Pull.Over Offwhite
Skirt The Secret Store - Chiffon - Pale Tartan [New]
Ring *ICED* Pacman 4 Finger Rings [New]
Glasses -NALA- *Color Bomb*
Socks -LMK- Basic knee knit socks White
Tenis shoes 2g COURU white_pink_navy
Poses Pretzel (no longer available)
Location Valiant

Look II
Hair !lamb. Addict - Sun-Dried Tomato [New]
Shirt Berries Inc. loulou top white [New]
Shrug {mon tissu} Loire Knit Shrug ~ Beige
Skirt The Secret Store - Chiffon - Granny's Roses [New]
Necklace *ICED* Maisy Necklace - Pink [CHIC Limited]
Bracelet SHADE THRONE The Prisonner Bracelet platinum [group gift]
Sandals +ADDiCTIA+ Tropica Flip Flops - Tiki Chai Snow
Poses Kletva [New]
Location *Art Dummy!

Look III
Hair !lamb. Honey - Sun-Dried Tomato
Shirt Berries Inc. loulou top khaki [New]
Skirt The Secret Store - Chiffon - Vintage Kitten [New]
Necklace [SCATTER] Tomas Necklace [group gift]
Bracelet SHADE THRONE The Dungeon Coins Bracelet Gold [group gift]
Boots [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots
Poses Glitterati [Seasons Hunt prize]
Location LISP Bazaar

quinta-feira, janeiro 20, 2011

#207 Capilla

Skin !Imabee Petal - Miranda Merry Xmas
Eyes ~*By Snow*~ Steel Eyes [Extend a Helping Hand Event]
Eyelashes Tailon Faire Swept Away
Hair Exile Nyx/scarlet
Blouse Pig - Winter in Marfa [Seasons Hunt prize]
Pants *CASHMERE* Blow Jeans blue
Bracelet erratic / twisted bracelets recolorable
Bag 1mm***Hat Pochette wine yerrow
Shoes [LeLutka] Pow Red
Poses xbordeaux - gift of poses [Free!]
Location Voc linda (*deviant girls* main store) --> I'm in love with this place!
Listening  Fastball - The Way

terça-feira, janeiro 18, 2011

#206 Gimme a break

Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale (with blush peach and eyeshadow smokey)
Eyes ~*By Snow*~ Steel Eyes EaHH
Hair Exile Oceane/scarlet [New]
Headband Tee*fy Vintage Floral
Jumpsuit [DIAPOP] all by myself ::vintage brown:: [Dollarabie]
Sandals +ADDiCTIA+ METRO Glamour Sandals Black *
Poses/Rice Bags Kari - Gimme a break [The Seasons Hunt prize]
Location Dryland, The Junkyard

* Take a look at these graceful +ADDiCTIA+ sandals by Oct Oakleaf. You can check out all the details and buy online at Marketplace or teleport to the store just clicking here :)

#205 Crying in the rain

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Cry:::*LightSkin*J5 [New]
Eyes - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes
Hair [ 69 ] SONIA 02 - Mauve
Hat ++AY.LinE++ Knit Beret
Glasses MAKNIE Nomak's big glasses - yellow
Shirt *FIR & MNA* Hartford Hoodie
Jacket *FIR & MNA* Duffle Coat Seasons Women
Pants KHUSH - Cozy Leggings - Red
Bag Berries Inc. tote bag
Umbrela --<<* Old Time Prims *>>-- Black Umbrella [Free here]
Boots *FIR & MNA* Wellies [The Seasons Hunt prize]

Location Innsmouth - A Dark New England Coastal Town 1930
Listening A-Ha - Crying in the rain

segunda-feira, janeiro 17, 2011

#204 I have the key [ZP]

Hello sweeties!
You can find the credits for this look at
Direct link to the post -> click here ;)
Kisses <3

#203 Erratic


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J3
Eyes ~*By Snow*~ Steel Eyes EaHH [Extend a Helping Hand Event]
Hair Maitreya Saar - Red
Poncho R.icielli - MATTORI III poncho /babypink [New]
Dress erratic / vicky - ruched dress / purple [New]
Tights 1 erratic / fishnet thin / purple [New]
Tights 2 erratic / fishnet wide / black [New]
Bracelet erratic / twisted bracelets recolorable [New]
Shoes [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black :
Poses R.icielli
Location :: C.A. :: chocolate atelier

domingo, janeiro 16, 2011

#202 Maybe so, maybe no

Skin [LeLutka] -Natasha/HUSH-Makeup3
Eyes KOSH EYES- 48 [Sale item]
Eyeshadow (AMD) Eyeshadows - Smokey
Eyelashes REDGRAVE MoulinRouge
Lipstick ROZENA SKIN ~Creamy Lipstick~ sweet beige
Hair Exile NIkki/auburn [New]
Shirt R.icielli - LONGTOP /crema
Scarf [LeeZu!] Miss Mara Scarf /ethno beige
Pants [LeeZu!] Milan Pants /brown
Bracelet ,+*AA*+. pearl braceret *black
Shoes ::Kookie:: Miss Vo Multi pumps
Poses *hate me and eat me*
Location Drowsy
Listening Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe so, maybe no

sexta-feira, janeiro 14, 2011

#201 Town of Arles

Skin MONS / Neny Skin Series / Red L. / Light Brows / V2 with blush tattoo [Excluive for Euphoria]
Eyes KOSH EYES - 80 [sale item]
Eyeliner .::Mother Goose's::. eyeline_1
Hair Maitreya Natalie - Red
Blouse and suspender Apple May Designs - Lore Him [not sure if is yet available]
Shorts :::Snatch Leather Shorts Black:::
Leggings Orion Tartan Leggings - Teal *
Bracelet KOSH- Multiplex Bracelet
Shoes *COCO* OxfordShoes Two-Tone
>Poses *hate me and eat me* Escape Myself [New]
>Location Arles - Vincent Van Gogh's Home: based on the Town of Arles in France where Van Gogh lived and painted for some time, you can find the scenarios of his paintings.

* The Orion Tartan Leggins by Orion Gant available in purple, yellow, teal, green, gray and blue. You can use as tights or leggings, and they fit nice both ways! Get the links: Orion Mainstore / Orion on Web