quinta-feira, dezembro 30, 2010

#191 AMD Emily

Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale [Only 250L - New!] *
Hair !lamb. Honey - Sun-Dried Tomato
Shirt {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse - Cream
Necklace :::Snatch Crystal Gypsy Necklace::: (with gems color change!)
Pants *JeSyLiLO* ::TrashJean::*Black [Free!]
Boots lassitude & ennui Thecla boot brown
Poses SCATTER [Coming Soon]
Location The Far Away

* Below you can see some of the possible combinations with the new Apple May Designs skin, lashes and makeups. I'm enchanted with the smoothness and the beauty of this new releases by Apple May. Tp to the store, try the demos and create your own combination! Emily skin is available in 7 tones along with 2 cleavage enhancment options (and is only 250L until Jan 1st!)
> Skin (AMD) Emily - Pale: 1. Lipstick Ruby + Lashes Set 3 + Blush Rosey; 2. Lipstick Pink + Eyeshadow Passion + Lashes Set 1; 3. Lipstick Gold + Eyeshadow Autumn + Blush Red; 4. Lipstick Candy + Eyeshadow Aqua + Blush Pink

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