segunda-feira, setembro 27, 2010

#87 Some gifts and cheapies

Skin Exile: September: Blush: Para [New Gift!]
Eyes MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Swamp [Free]
Eyelashes *REDGRAVE* Showgirl
Hair fri. - Tatum - Passionate Red [has been a Hair Fair gift]
Jaket .:DaMa.: Brick Jacket [Group Gift - notices]
Skirt McSkin:skirt(Brown) [Free]
Scarf CONCRETE FLOWERS - FALLEN LEAVES SCARF -grey- [NEW!] [There's one like this as a prize of Seasons Hunt]
Bag ::Shopaholic's Anonymous:: Purse (Teal/Brown) [Only 25L]
Socks Emery - Socks Grey [Free]
Shoes ::Kookie:: Miss Vo Multi  pumps [50L Friday]

Location Psy City

"And all I want are five things,
One is unending love
Second, to witness autumn
Third is solemn winter
Fourthly, summer
The fifth thing is your eyes
I wouldn't sleep without your eyes
I'd trade the spring
for you to follow me with your eyes"
Pablo Neruda

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