segunda-feira, agosto 16, 2010

#55 Ch ch ch Cherry Bomb!

Skin CandyDoll Platinum Doll [Platinum Hunt ]
Eyes >Imani< Halo Blue
Eyelashes *REDGRAVE* Glamour
Hair (Dernier Cri) Jaclyn - Red Shades
Nails Ibizarre Nail polish - classic red [Free]
Langerie -Phoenix Rising- Mislead (White) [100L - Closing Sale]
Necklace [chuculet] ina pearl necklace - white [Only 5L]
Shoes !!KKBB!! Heels - Black [Dollarabie]
Mic -RC- Microphone with mouthwords
Poses [doll.] e estetica

Have you already seen the original? Click here :)

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Blood Mary disse...

Eu quero ver esse filme. haha :)

Nuria Niven disse...

Tu vai amar amoramia!! <3

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