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#157 Amily


Skin Iren ::::Amily:::: glow_BT [New]*
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Olive Green
Eyelashes Redgrave Showgirl
Hair !lamb. Honey - Sun-Dried Tomato
Outfit (PixelDolls) Timepiece 005 [New]
Headband lassitude & ennui leaf circlet narrow gold / copper
Poses [doll.]

1. Iren ::::Amily::::; 2. ::::Amily:::: with eyeliner and lipgloss; 3. ::::Amily:::: with teeth1; 4. ::::Amily:::: with teeth 2

1. ::::Amily:::: v2 Makeup Daim; 2. ::::Amily:::: v2 Makeup Aqua; 3. ::::Amily:::: v2 Makeup Gold; 4. ::::Amily:::: v2 Makeup Midnight

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Hello everyone!! You'll find these 3 styles at http://zombiepopcornsl.com/, I hope your visit! Muacks :*

#155 Gypsy

Skin Baiastice -Pulchra-pale-make up26 RD + hair
Tattoo layer 1 Nuuna's face tattoo Upperlid
Tattoo layer 2 Nuuna's makeup v4 5.
Eyes KOSH Horizon
Hair *Head Mistress* Jinx Me:Red3
Top *Just Me* Copah Top Black
Pants [ILAYA] Puffel Pants {Grey} [NEW!]*
Bracelets .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet :: ENIGMA ::
Feet N-core FEET XtremeHeel II
>Poses Ricielli

Listening Shakira - Gypsy  and Gitana

domingo, novembro 28, 2010

#154 Nap

Skin Baiastice -Pulchra-pale-make up26 RD + hair
Tattoo layer Nuuna's face tattoo Upperlid
Eyelashes *Redgrave* MoulinRouge
Hair [OH]::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen-R
Shirt Spirit Store - White Tanktop
Pants [ILAYA] Puffel Pants {Teal} [NEW]
Scarf Bomb!  - Pearl Scarf [Free at Isla Argentina]
Shoes ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Skull_White [Free]
>Ladder (with 9 poses) it's new at [ILAYA]  for only 69L!!! Run and get yours!! Tp Here :)

#153 One Eleven part II

Skin Lara Hurley - Milla [With Love Hunt]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Hair ❤Aurora Shop❤ aurora 002 (edited color for red)
Helmet Aglaia - Mouse Helmet [With Love Hunt]
Outfit Pig - Atlantic City [one11event item]
Bracelet -MonS- Bracalets "World" L *Pink
Tights +SPICA+ Color tights & socks - pink
Shoes SLink Cassandra Heels Black
Poses [doll.] Hannah*
Location deviousMind

*Coming Soon! Fashion Rehab December 1st:

#152 One Eleven part I

Skin .::Mother Goose's::. SiSi(2)_5b [New]
Eyes KOSH Cristallyne
Tattoo Layer Cheap Makeup Lashes (Verna) 3
Hair >TRUTH< Rayne - cherry
Sweater !Ohmai : Azure's Pico Sweater {Vintage} [one11event item]
Skirt [SG*] Tik Tak - Grey
Socks Emery - Socks Rose [Free]
Shoes [Gos] GTFO Boots in Stone
Poses Hunt #54 With Love From... [LAP]
Location Festivale

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#150 Speak in silent tongues

Skin *Nuuna's Skins* Suvi Pale Bare Cleavage
Tattoo layer 1 Nuuna's face tattoo Upperlid
Tattoo layer 2 KOSH- PURTY LIPS -ORANGE-
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Eyelashes *Redgrave* MoulinRouge
Hair !lamb. Ghost - Sun-Dried Tomato
Jacket The Secret Store - Mrs.Jones'Jacket - Carbon -
Skirt Emery - Skirt Highwaisted Felini #Orange
Tights +SPICA+ Color tights & socks set2 - Red
Shoes SLink Cassandra Heels Black (with socks)
Bag ::: Barerose ::: Emanuela Black
Earrings *Ticky Tacky* Ludlow Earrings - Black & Gold
>Poses [doll.] Veronica
>Location  deviousMind

#149 Trailer


Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::DollCandy.MA.:::*lightSkin*J1
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Hair .::S::. Penelope II (hood down w/hair and hood up w/hair) - Wine [New]
Sweater Orion Sweater White [New]
Skirt [CALYPSO GIANO] Denim Skirt - ROCK - F1
Necklace *ICED* Platform 9 3/4 Necklace [New]
Bag CHABINNS DJ bag(Shoulder) OPENtype
Glasses Emery - Sunglasses Aviator #Dark Blue
Shoes +S E V E N+ Hi Top's Leather - RUST
Poses =IZUMIYA= [Free]
Location Dead Drop

quarta-feira, novembro 24, 2010

#148 Rozena

Skin ROZENA SKIN ~Amy~ chic
Eyes ROZENA SKIN ~Glossy Eye~ testing
Eyelashes Redgrave Showgirl
Hair (Dernier Cri) Kira - Red Shades
Dress [PO] The Dreamer Party Dress - fleur cobalt [50L sale]
Shoes P10 Serenity Heels Paisley [Vip Gift]
Poses sr3d-poses
Location couverture - Flagship store SLOW

1. Rozena Skin ~Amy~ Chic (skin, shape and eyebrow); 2. Rozena Skin ~Amy~ Pink (skin, shape and eyebrow); 3. Rozena Skin ~Abbey~ Sprout (skin, shape and eyebrow)

#147 Nowhere to run

Skin ROZENA SKIN ~Amy~ pinky
Eyes ROZENA SKIN ~Glossy Eye~ testing
Hair  Secrets Hair .::S::. Winter II (color change!) - Wine [New]
Jacket {SMS} Knit Cozy Sweater Lila/Light Grey [New]
Shirt (part of) *Fi-St* Tube Top/Dress up- Parade Grey 
Skirt (part of) *League* Halter Dress/Top ~Black
Tights House of Fox //Color.Me.H.O.F NylonBaby Black [Hunt Prize]
Bag Mentine - Knitted Warmer Set - Fringed Shoulder Bag (3 options of use and color change!) [New]
Necklace *ICED* Maple Leaf Necklace [New]
Shoes [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black :
Poses R.icielli

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Hi sweeties!! Look for my new post at zombiepopcornsl.com:

#145 Chinese

Skin .::Mother Goose's::. SiSi(2)_1a [New!]*
Eyes MADesigns STUDIO - brown - Intricate eyes
Hair ""D!va"" Hair "Chisato" (Black amber) [Gift]
Dress R.icielli - PETRA minidress #10
Bag The Secret Store - Handbag - Evil Pride - Hand
Necklace *ICED* Mariposa (color change) [New!]
Shoes [LeLutka] -Pow Pumps Red
Poses R.icielli
Location China

*The skins of Mother Goose's always surprise us! Delicate and so beautiful! Teleport to the store and check it out!

domingo, novembro 21, 2010

#144 Balance

Skin -Glam Affair- Eva skin Winter make  make up 1 [The Dressing Room]
Eyes MADesigns STUDIO - brown - Intricate eyes
Hair [Shag] - Sonnet - fever [Stumblebum]
Dress KHUSH - Lindsey - Green
Jacket AOHARU PonchoCardigan_NordicBR
Necklace KOSH - ENIGMA NECKLACE (color change - metal and gemstone!) [ New!]
Boots Berries Inc. Linda boots choco [New!]*

*How do I'll keep my feet warm in the winter with style? With the new Berries Inc. boots (by summse Sands):

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#143 Winter

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Winter:::*LightSkin*J1* ( Matte ) [New!]*
Eyes MADesigns NATURALS - black studio eyes (less veins)
Hair [LeLutka] -AMANDA hair - Bambie
Headband ::Happy Finds:: Rose Headband - Agate  unfortunately the store is closed  :(
Dress *salire nordic knit/White [New!]**
Scarf ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Wide Scarf [Free]
Necklace ::Happy Finds::  Stone Necklace - Agate
Shoes .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable OLDWHITE [New!]
Poses Glitterati
Location BTE Commerce, Belle Terre Island

*Check it out the new skin releases from JeSyLiLO (by LiLO Glom)! Sooooo cute these dimples on the cheeks, i love it <3 and I'm sure you'll love it too! There's 5 makeups available, and the packs contains freckles, breast line and hairline:

sexta-feira, novembro 19, 2010

#142 Forest trail

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::MonY:::*LightSkin*J2(Frex)*BT
Eyes MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Perfect Storm [Free]
Hair AnalogDog baby cocoa (edited with free Analog hud) [Free]
Shirt {SMS} Longsleeve Tee Beige
Jacket [PO] Rocket Girl Jacket - taupe
Shorts Emery - Short Horses Choco [Free]
Belt -Veschi- Pashmina Belt pelvis beige
Bag (TokiD) bow baggu - picnic
Socks Tee*fy Arva  Socks ( Creme )
Shoes tram Crepe Flats (red)
Poses marukin

Listening Panis et Circences - Marisa Monte

quinta-feira, novembro 18, 2010

#141 Oyat

Skin .::Mother Goose's::. Oyat_09 [New!]*
Eyes MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Perfect Storm [Free - Isla Argentina]
Hair =TEKUTEKU= odango2(red2)
Dress ::{u.f.o}:: cina vintage op turkish delight
Bolero The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Sky Blue
Bracelet lassitude & ennui leaf spiral bracelet right silver / black

#140 Lips like liquorish

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::DollCandy.MA.:::*lightSkin*J1
Tattoo layer AtomicBambi Tattoo - Sabrina Lip - Blush [Hunt prize DIMH #16]
Hair \LoQ/ Aysha - Brick [Group Gift]
Hands Slink de Jolie Hands
Sweater R.icielli - SAINTREVOLTS sweater /purple
Pants Emery - Pant Sweat Black [New]
Earrings ::SGM:: STAR PIERCE Black Crystal [Gift]
Bag Emery - Clutch Lips #Tuscany
Shoes *COCO* Suede Cutout Boos StoneGray
>Poses Croire [Hunt prize DIMH #72]
>Location Quinntukhat

Listening  30h!3 feat. Ke$ha - My first kiss  lol

quarta-feira, novembro 17, 2010

#139 Denira


Skin -MonS- - Denira Skin / Shine MU-Red B-VioletL. tone3 [New!]*
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Aquamarine
Hair >TRUTH< Charlie - sangria
Shirt -MonS- LongTop "Riha" *Yellow [L$50 Sale Store]
Vest oyakin fur-vest white
Leggings KHUSH Zip Leggings - Black [New!]
Necklace *ICED* Believe [New!]
Belt !!KKBB!! Tess Belt - Black Cubes [Only L$5 - New]
Shoes [LeLutka] Saffron Pumps Neutral Black
Poses R.icielli

Following the photo sequence you have seen  MONS - Denira Skin / Shine Makeup / Red Brow in the 3 tones of lipstick from the 4 available packs: Blossom, Pink, Red and Violet. (Blush and Breast Tattoos SL2.0 included)

#138 Refuge


Skin MONS - Denira Skin / Shine MU-Red B-PinkL. tone2 [New]
Hair accessory : FF : Les Temps de Glamour Mini-TopHat Headband [Hunt prize - DIMH #071]
Shirt CUPCAKES - Funky Tank - OMGWTF - Pink
Leggings KHUSH - Nexx Leggings - Black&HotPink [Discounted! L$50]*
Shoes [LeLutka] Saffron Pumps Neutral Black
Scenario Modd.G Gift [FW10.1] - Made Of Glitter & Fog Scene [Free]
CHABINNS tasuku RADIO and Herbal cannabis [Both free]
:YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray 1 [Free]
Arcadia Asylum OldPhonebooks-n-Newspappers [Free]
:: AB :: Keep Our Planet Green print [Free]

KHUSH Nexx: Black&Gray, Black&Plum, Green and Purple

KHUSH Zipped: Black, Pink and Teal

terça-feira, novembro 16, 2010

#137 Lovely Moly

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::MoLy:::*TanSkin*J1*BT ( Matte )+(HairLine) [New!]
Eyes KOSH Cristallyne
Hair booN LUV205 hair red
Tattoos KHUSH - Tatts - When words leave off and KHUSH - Stars Hips
Hoodie *JeSyLiLO* ::hoodie::*Blue [New!]*
Pants .:VILLENA:. - Baggy Pants Aquamarine
Belt [MANDALA] Mikoto Belt/navy blue/silver
Glasses Emery - Sunglasses Aviator #Dark Blue
Earrings [PP] Simple Steel! Gauged Earrings [L$5]
Shoes ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Grey [Free]
Location Dissident Rock

*JaSyLiLO*:::MoLy:::*TanSkin*J1: with or without Hair Line, and Makeup version with or without Hair Line

#136 Lorena


Skin Tribal Soul Lorena_Natural2_Bald_FB_Freckles_Contrast*
Eyes KOSH- SUREE EYES -blueberry hill- [Hunt prize DIMH #41 - many colors and prim eyes option]
Eyelashes Redgrave MoulinRouge
Hair >TRUTH< Saffron - sangria (If you want less lag, visit Truth at Blau)
Dress Lark - Plaid Dress (with Hand-in-Pocket animation) [Only 50L]
Necklace ::Happy Finds::  Stone Necklace - Agate

Tribal Soul Lorena: Natural2 Contrast, Natural2 Freckles, Nude2 Contrast and Nude2 Freckles.


Post removed by the author.

segunda-feira, novembro 15, 2010

#134 Night out


Skin TRIBAL SOUL DESIGNS Lorena_Natural2_Bald_FB_Contrast
Hair [LeLutka] -MIRELLA 2.0 hair - Burnt
Hands SLink de Jolie Hands
Shirt KHUSH - Gina Tops - HotPink
Pants [CheerNo] ListPANTS Pants [Hunt prize DIMH #08]
Belt House Of Fox :: Python's Rope Belt Silver
Shoes !!KKBB!! Heels - Lt. Pink  [Lucky board prize]


Hair fri.day - Joanna - Jealous Red
Jumpsuit [PO] Socialite Romper (bottom) - white [50L - Birthday Sale]
Blouse (part of) INDI Designs - Hooded Knit cardigan
Belt House Of Fox :: Python's Rope Belt Onyx
Boots MIMI'S CHOICE foxy black leather boot [Hunt prize DIMH #013]


Hair [Shag] - Sonnet Fever [Stumblebum]
Shirt Kyoot - Two Sugars Top (Taupe)
Leggings JE*REPUBLIC -Jazzy-Origin
Belt House Of Fox :: Python's Rope Belt Gold
Earrings [ glow ] studio - Glamour Earring Gold
Shoes (Royal Blue) Treading Lightly Pumps in Noir

Bottles with poses {Just A Pose} "Holiday Spirits" [25L each - Albero Gacha Festival]
Listening Amy Winehouse obviously :)

domingo, novembro 14, 2010

#133 Corazón Espinado

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::DollCandy.MB.:::*lightSkin*J8*BT
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Black
Hands SLink de Jolie Hands v1.1
Hair [LeLutka] -JENIFFER hair - Jessica
Shirt R.icielli - MONSERRAT shirt /crema
Pants R.icielli - ELIZA highwaisted pants /tundora
Shawl ::OBSESSION:: 24's shawl black blossoms
Earrings [ glow ] studio - Glamour Earring Gold
Sandals P10 Amara Heels Leather Cream
Poses R.icielli

From left to right: P10 Isabelle Boots Autumn Copper, P10 Serenity Heels Patent White, P10 Amara Heels Leather Cream and P10 Serenity Heels Leopard Vip Gift (that last one is a group gift!)

Listening Carlos Santana feat. Maná - Corazón Espinado

sábado, novembro 13, 2010

#132 MonY

Look how beautiful is the new skin from *JeSyLiLO* by LiLO Glom!

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::MonY:::*LightSkin*J2* Shiny [New]
Hair >TRUTH< Kitty - cherry [New]
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Sea
Eyelashes *Redgrave* MoulinRouge
Dress GATO HoboSequin Dress [New]
Scarf AOHARU BandanaScarf_Pink

And coming soon....

#131 Ville d'Aquitaine

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :: JESYFreeGift::*PALE*shade*J2 [Free]
Eyes :: INka :: Eyes 01_set1 [comes with a skin pack for only 10L - Romanian Fair]
Eyeslashes Redgrave Showgirl
Hair *~*Damselfly*~*Damalis streaked/Ruby Twilight Cool
Blouse /artilleri/ Othelie blouse (jacket) *brown* [50L Friday]
Skirt (Milk Motion) My short skirt [Project Themeory]
Belt Vesqui Jump Her!
Shoes ::Kookie:: Vo pumps / Green grass [50L Friday]

Hair (Posh) ; Wednesday ; Love [Project Themeory]
Skirt R.icielli - ANITA highwaist skirt /floral#2
Shirt Kyoot - Two Sugars Top (Blush) [50L Friday]
Vest (part of) [PO] Rocket Girl Jacket - taupe [50L - Birthday Sale]
Bag {SMS} Grandma's Purse Teal [Albero Gacha Festival]
Shoes *Kookie* Powder Puff - Jade [50L Friday]
Poses R.icielli
Listening Feist 1234

sexta-feira, novembro 12, 2010

#130 Sundry

Skin -MONS- Special Skin for (past) Super Bargain Saturday V2
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Hair *Dark Mouse* Kelly (Black Cherry) [Gift]
Shirt *GC* Plain White Tank [Free]
Bolero The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Charcoal
Pants Spirit Store - Flower jeans
Bag :::Septem Essentia::: quilted leather tote [Free]
Bracelet and earrings *Ticky Tacky* Ludlow
Shoes SLink Mieke Riding Boots Red

Hair -Lotus- MASATO cocoa (edited color) [Only 60L - many gifts and lucky boards in the store]
Shirt >>>Poison<<< La gamba sweater_female black [New]
Skirt .: Vive9 :. London Frill Skirt - Basic Salmon [Group Gift]
Bag Modd.G Leather Tassel Bag - Brown/Red
Necklace MTP Ladies Arapaho Necklace [Hunt prize]
Shoes [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots

Hair .:VDI:. Thyone - Cherry Red [Free]
Tongue :: Tartessos Arts :: TA Sculpt Animated Tongue [1L - Marketplace]
Scarf Mentine - Fringed Scarf
Dress {paper.doll} HannahMini [50L - FashionHouse]
Jacket OGF Cardigan GRAY+BLK [New]